The Philadelphia Office of City Commissioners office faces unique challenges specifically the mandated rollout of new election machines which will be done during the summer of 2019.

Our teacher led team will begin this summer by visiting other municipalities and implement best practices to make Philadelphia a 21st Century model for voting efficiency and an example for the rest of America.

Our team consists of over one hundred current educators and committee people, who will be working up to, on and beyond election day to help the Commissioner’s office reach its full potential.

As a committee person in the 26th Ward 15th Division I helped garner 70% voter turnout by implementing the “BORDA WAY” which will serve as a guide to support wards city-wide.

What if I told you that in the 2018 primary only 17% of registered Philly voters came out to the polls. Would that encourage you to VOTE Philly? I am running for City Commissioner because it’s TIME to VOTE Philly and the Commissioner’s office is going to lead the way!

What if I told you that in the 2016 Presidential election over 2 million votes were cast in Pennsylvania and yet the margin of victory was only 44,000 votes AND over 300,000 registered Philly voters DIDN’T vote!! Would that encourage you to VOTE PHILLY?

Whether or not PHILLY votes affects the outcome of every local, state and even national races, we will NEVER get our fair share from Harrisburg and Washington D.C.’s until we are voting at 50% or more in EVERY election!!

Our office is going to celebrate Wards and committee people who are doing well and support those that need it. We currently have educator- committee people in sixty-four of the sixty-nine wards ready to help and share best practices.